Childhood dreams can be realized-

There is hope for the family couples dream about and a solution that can begin now.  The Conception Kit at-home System is a first step treatment to help achieve pregnancy.  The wait is over, the path is simple, and natural. Soon worries and frustration can turn into joy and anticipation.

About Conceivex Inc.

The mission of Conceivex Inc. is to give women and couples health care products that assist them in reaching their reproductive goals. Currently, one in six women is looking for help becoming pregnant. This is why Conceivex manufactures and distributes the Conception Kit® at-home system, a safe, effective, and reasonably priced method to help women and couples overcome infertility in the privacy of their own home. The Conception Kit® at-home system is FDA cleared and easy to use.

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Time tested method with updated technology and proven results

How does The Conception Kit® work?

The Conception Kit® at-home system goes beyond ovulation timing by concentrating all available sperm where they need to be at the best time for conception to occur. This is possible by using the primary component of the kit: the Conception Cap®. The ability to concentrate semen and deliver it to the cervix is very important when you consider that the majority of sperm never make it to this critical point of entry. Studies have shown that 90% of sperm die in the vagina within the first ten minutes. Inside the Conception Cap® sperm can live beyond 6 hours while protected from the acidic pH of the vaginal environment. It also addresses back flow of gravity or by male withdrawal.
After intercourse, all available semen is transferred from the semen collector to the soft, flexible Conception Cap®. It is then inserted into the vagina and placed over the cervix, where sperm cells are placed in direct contact with the cervical opening for 4-6 hours.

“My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for ten cycles. Four of those ten we were on Clomid*- but still no success. I have a fifteen year old daughter and my husband checked out okay, but even with the help of Clomid we had no luck and were frustrated… The FIRST Month we used the kit I got a positive pregnancy test!

I will recommend this kit to anyone I know that is trying to conceive.”

Pam's Story
When we first heard about the Conception Kit, we were a little skeptical but decided to give it a try and have never looked back since.
Ryan, Candace, and Tessa Olson
I had been using Clomid for a while and still wasn’t able to get pregnant. My doctor prescribed a Conception Kit to use along with my medication. After a month of trying with the kit, I just found out I’m pregnant! What a great way to start the new year.
Valbona H.
We’ve been trying for four years for a child, no luck. We saw the Conception Kit and decided to try it because it was approved by the FDA. Lo and behold…a positive reading on the pregnancy test!!!
Brian and Sharon