Conceivex, Inc. offers a convenient and inexpensive at-home fertility treatment that is covered by insurance. This treatment is used in the privacy of their own home to help couples conceive.

There is an ever-growing array of fertility services available for those who are seeking reproductive services. These services range from inexpensive over-the-counter ovulation kits to more costly medical procedures such as artificial insemination. In the United States, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that there are 7.4 million women ages 15-44 who have ever used infertility services. Determining which fertility service is right for you and your partner is an important first step for those with reproductive challenges.


Where to Begin?

When it comes to selecting reproductive services, individuals and partners should consider where they want to begin. Some men and women are anxious to seek medical testing so they can gain a more in-depth understanding of the factors that affect their fertility. Other people are hesitant to spend so much time and money early on in the process and look for a private at-home kit to begin with such as the Conception Kit® at-home system.   Prior to selecting any reproductive service, couples should communicate their expectations, concerns, and desires with each other or a counselor to better determine which service(s) are best.

Benefits of the Conception Kit® at-home system

There are many benefits to using the Conception Kit® at-home system in comparison to other fertility treatments. These include:

  • Encourages both partners to work together in the conception process: The Conception Kit® at- home system enables men and women to work together in the privacy of home which helps build unity as a couple.
  • Is used in the privacy of home – The Conception Kit® at-home system does not require men to submit a semen specimen to a lab or other medical professional. Instead, couples use the kit during sex in the privacy of their own home with no third party involved. For couples following certain religious faiths this is very important.
  • Can be used prior to further analysis or treatment: Couples can use the Conception Kit® at-home system before choosing to have more in-depth reproductive analysis and testing done. This is a very important point for men who find giving a semen sample invasive. The Conception Kit® at-home system is a less expensive treatment compared to other reproductive procedures and test.
  • Is an inexpensive treatment alternative to other medical services: With insurance, the Conception Kit® at- home system costs between $25 and $50 (less than the cost of one box of ovulation predictors and a pregnancy test). Without insurance the Conception Kit® costs $349.95. When you consider that this is a three-month infertility treatment, even without insurance the kit is less expensive than diagnostic tests for infertility which can run over $1000.
  • Can be used in the initial 12 month period: Many insurance policies require waiting 12 months before procedure based treatments for infertility diagnosis or treatment can be authorized. The Conception Kit® can be used and is covered as a pharmacy benefit during the initial 12 month period prior to insurance covering diagnosis test and other treatment options.

Overall, the Conception Kit® at-home system puts couples in control of their family planning in the privacy of their own home.

About Conceivex Inc.

Conceivex Inc. is committed to providing a safe and affordable alternative to women and couples trying to conceive by enhancing their opportunities for pregnancy.  Currently, one in six women is looking for help becoming pregnant. This is why Conceivex manufactures and distributes the Conception Kit® at-home system, a safe, effective, and reasonably priced treatment to help women and couples overcome infertility in the privacy of their own home. The Conception Kit® at-home system is FDA cleared and is covered by many insurance companies as a pharmacy benefit.