The Conception Cap® allows men to take a proactive approach in addressing issues of low sperm count and low sperm motility in the privacy of home. Most men want to avoid the embarrassment associated with clinical testing procedures “sample collection room”. During intercourse the majority of sperm (90%) never make it to the critical opening of the cervix due to various factors. By doing cervical cap insemination in the privacy of home, allows the couple to address  low sperm count and low sperm motility issues

The cornerstone of the kit is the Conception Cap®​, which brings the semen in direct contact with the opening of the cervix for four to six hours. This allows all available sperm cells a greater opportunity to move into the uterine cavity and fertilize an egg.

Why is the cervical cap so important in enhancing the opportunity to conceive? Studies have shown that the majority of sperm (about 90%) deposited during intercourse never make it to the critical opening of the cervix due to various factors such as:

  • Being pulled out of the vaginal cavity by the penis or flushed out by gravity
  • Lost in the vagina or met by the vaginal ph thus never make it to the cervical os
  • Semen not pooling in the right location to make the connection with the cervix

Inside the Conception Cap®​ they are concentrated and protected from the vaginal environment while being placed there on the very best day possible for conception to happen during ovulation. The ability to concentrate semen and deliver it to the cervix is very important when you consider that due to various factors the majority of sperm never make it to this critical point of entry.

Conception Cap®​ Facts:

  • The Conception Cap®​ is made of General Electric Silopren, which is the same material used to make heart replacement valves.
  • The Conception Cap®​ is produced in a medically clean environment.
  • The Conception Cap®​ should accommodate the vast majority of nulliparous women (women who have never given birth) and most women who have given birth.
  • The quantity of semen varies each time a man ejaculates. Normal semen quantity is about one to five milliliters. The Conception Cap®​ is designed to accommodate these varying amounts.
  • The interior rim of the Conception Cap®​ has very thin flanges that gently grip the cervix to hold the Conception Cap in place.
  • A loop attached to the rim of the Conception Cap®​ makes removal easy.
  • The Conception Cap®​ comes packaged in a tray that will hold the cap upright on any flat surface. This prevents fumbling when transferring the semen from the semen collector into the Conception Cap®​.
  • The Conception Kit’s Conception Cap®​ has taken the proven methodology of the 1950’s and 1960’s and married it with today’s technology.

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