The Conception Kit®​ at-home system is the perfect addition to the patient’s fertility treatment plan.

This combination ensures the patient is concentrating all available sperm at the cervical opening at the same time they are maximizing their egg production during each prescribed fertility medication cycle.

Because the Conception Kit®​ contains only select medical devices and not drugs, patients don’t have to worry about using it while on fertility medications like clomiphene citrate (commonly sold under the names Clomid®​ or Serophene​®​).

The Conception Kit®​ is a 3 month treatment.

Whether the patient is trying to get pregnant with a first baby or adding to a growing family, conceiving a child is not always easy. The Conception Kit® at-home system is a comprehensive, FDA-cleared medical device. It is designed to help couples go beyond ovulation timing and overcome common fertility problems such as low sperm count, low sperm motility, and pH imbalance.

A prescription is required in the United States. Have your physician write a prescription for 1 Conception Kit®The Conception Kit® is covered by many insurance policies as a pharmacy benefit with a co-pay between $25 – $80. Now available by prescription directly from Conceivex.