The Conception Kit is a three month comprehensive program that works together to help couples conceive. This FDA-cleared at-home conception system goes beyond ovulation timing by concentrating all available sperm where they need to be at the best time for conception to occur. This is possible by using the primary component of the kit: the Conception Cap®.

The ability to concentrate semen and deliver it to the cervix is very important when you consider that the majority of sperm never make it to this critical point of entry. Studies have shown that 90% of sperm die in the vagina within the first ten minutes. Inside the Conception Cap® sperm can live up to and beyond the 6 hours, while protected from the acid Ph of the vaginal environment. It also addresses back-flow of gravity or by male withdrawal for 4-6 hours.semen Collector

After intercourse, all available semen is transferred from the semen collector to the soft, flexible Conception Cap®. It is then inserted into the vagina and placed over the cervix, where sperm cells are placed in direct contact with the cervical os (opening).Cap