1. Once the couple decides they would like to become pregnant, they begin using the Instructions For Use, Conception Wheel and recording details of their cycle in the Conception Journal, which is included.

  • 1 Instructions For Use​
  • 1 Conception Wheel
  • 1 Conception Journal per Conception Kit®​ at-home system

2. Practice Conception Cap®​ helps couples learn how to place the cervical cap on the cervix.

  • 1 Practice Conception Cap®​ per Conception Kit®​

3. Conceivex® Ovulation Predictors identify the most fertile time in a given month.

  • 8 Ovulation Predictors per month, 24 total

4. During sex they use the Latex-Free Conceivex® Semen Collector and Sperm-Friendly Intimate Moisturizer.

  • Once ejaculation has occurred the semen is transfer from the Conceivex® Semen Collector into the Conception Cap®.
  • 1 Latex-Free Conceivex® Semen Collector per month, 3 total
  • 1 Sperm-Friendly Intimate Moisturizer per month, 3 total

5. The Conception Cap® is then placed over the women’s cervix for 4-6 hours.

  • 1 Conception Cap® per month, 3 total

6. At the end of the woman’s cycle,she uses the Conceivex® Pregnancy Test to determine if conception has been achieved.

  • 1 Conceivex® Pregnancy Test per month, 3 total
  • one month supply